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From Niki Haines, Member, AXIe Consortium Marketing Committee:

In the world of technology, great ideas come and go. As the AXIe 1.0 base specification nears its second birthday, you may catch yourself wondering, “Is it here to stay?”

A growing number of people think the answer is “Yes.” For example, in February the AXIe Consortium group on LinkedIn welcomed its 200th member. There and elsewhere, we continue to see an increasing number of companies moving from passive interest to active discussion to proactive adoption of best practices.

A skeptic might say, “Ideas are a commodity and excellent execution is a rarity.” Excellent execution is happening in AXIe—and it is winning awards. In February, Test & Measurement World gave its Best in Test Award 2012 for signal sources to Agilent for its AXIe-based arbitrary waveform generator. In addition, Agilent’s AXIe-based logic analyzer was a Best in Test Finalist.

AXIe also keeps good company. As a sibling of PXI, its commonalities enable compatibility and integration. With the release of the AXIe 2.0 base software specification, which builds on the PXI software specification, things are moving in the right direction

Ultimately, the answer to “Is it here to stay?” depends on the tangible benefits individuals, teams and companies gain from AXIe-based products and solutions. The goal of this newsletter is to illustrate those benefits.

Please help us to further develop the AXIe standard by participating in our short online survey!

Happy reading,

Niki Haines

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Multichannel Data Acquisition Systems in Big Physics Experiments

By Richard Soden, Application Engineer
Agilent Technologies

Expanding knowledge on phenomena at galactic or nanometer scale, confidence in results is strengthened by dependable measurement solutions that provide exceptional speed and measurement fidelity.

Simplifying the data acquisition system within these experiments can be a non-negligible task. Multichannel digitizers that contain all the timing and synchronization technologies can create synchronous sampling across 10’s or 100’s of channels at a time.  Using AXIe-based instrumentation, you can achieve complex multichannel big physics experiments, including plasma and inertial confinement fusion, particle acceleration, microwave and RF astrophysics, and x-ray imaging in hydrodynamics.



Thanks to all our readers.
Bob Helsel, Editor

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The AXIe Standard will reach its 2nd birthday in June.

The AXIe Consortium is soliciting feedback about the use of standards-based instrumentation including AXIe.

We have created a short survey  and would like to invite you to answer a few simple questions. We know that you receive lots of requests to complete surveys but would appreciate 5 minutes of your time.

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New AXIe Products

The members of the AXIe Consortium continue to release a steady flow of new products based on the emerging AXIe standard, some of which are spotlighted below:

AXIe 1.0 Base Architecture Specification Products

M9703A AXIe 12-bit High-Speed Digitizer

ADC 6000 Series AXIe-based Digitizer Module

DDR Logic Analyzer U4154A

AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) M8190A

AXIe 3.1 Semiconductor Test Extension Products

AX500 - AXIe Benchtop System

High Volume Production Test System



AXIe® and Mil-Aero Embedded Systems

Larry Desjardin, Modular Methods LLC

The AXIe standard is clearly focused at the test and measurement market. But that doesn’t mean it can’t find applications outside of instrumentation. One of those may just be Mil/Aero (Military and Aerospace) embedded systems.

AXIe is based on AdvancedTCA®, a successful industrial computing architecture deployed widely in telecom networks. There has been a lot of discussion in ATCA groups about being able to address the Mil/Aero market with either ATCA or MicroTCA®, a smaller derivative.  Indeed, ATCA is a natural fit for network elements within Mil/Aero networks, and there have been a few deployments.    


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