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From Aaron Hall,
Editor, AXIe Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2020 issue of the AXIe Newsletter sponsored by Viavi Solutions.

During this challenging year the AXIe Consortium has been moving in a positive direction to benefit the test and measurement industry. During 2020 our member companies have been working on the interoperability of ODI devices and seen great success. This year also marks the 10th Anniversary of the the AXIe Standard.

With topics like security, 5G, and high speed interfaces, we know these articles will help you in your understanding of modular instrumentation in the test and measurement industry.

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AXIe Consortium After Ten Years

By Larry Desjardin, Modular Methods

It's hard to believe that the AXIe Consortium is 10 years old, but the calendar doesn't lie. The AXIe Consortium was announced in late 2009, with the first set of specifications released in June 2010. At that time the AXIe Consortium announced, "Today marks an important milestone in the test and measurement industry. These specifications will enable unprecedented capability and performance for users, all in an industry standard modular form factor open to all vendors. With the release of these specifications, vendors may now develop and deliver AXIe products, knowing that they will be part of a growing ecosystem of compatible chassis, modules and systems."

This is exactly what happened. AXIe became the "big brother" of PXI, delivering software compatibility with PXI but simultaneously offering a larger high-performance modular instrument architecture that enabled higher power, cooling, and rack density than the smaller PXI form factor. This has led to new measurement solutions, many of which are only available in the AXIe modular form factor.



Optical Data Interface (ODI) Enables Faster Communications in Test and Measurement Equipment

By Matthew Burns, Samtec

Next-generation applications in 5G communications, mil/aero systems, high-speed data acquisition, phased-array radar and communication research will support faster data rates than current generation solutions. Developing and testing these high-performance applications requires advanced instrumentation and embedded systems.

Current generation instruments, processors, storage, and embedded devices communicate over copper interfaces in standard form factors and traditional bench instrument designs. At increased data rates, signal integrity concerns over copper cable assemblies and connectors limit the reach and interoperability of systems.



Accelerate Silicon Bring-up on the Bench

By Test Evolution

Semiconductor device complexity continues to grow with higher levels of integration coupled with smaller device geometries and increasing transistor counts. The validation and production test tasks are also made difficult by the increasing cost of testers that can provide all the functionality required to properly validate the silicon. Techniques such as BIST (Built In Self Test) and SCAN are incorporated to increase fault coverage, but there is a disconnect between the fault coverage metrics, yield and final device quality.

As the devices grow in complexity the ATE patterns grow in both depth and number of pins required (i.e. multiple scan chains). ATE engineers have short time windows to release their test programs and struggle with having sufficient time on the production systems to complete their task.



AXIe Innovation Enhances Test System Security

By Keysight Technologies

Test system security is a unique challenge that many Aerospace and Defense (AD) customers face, specifically when the test system is used for classified work. A lot of overhead goes along with ensuring that the test system is secure. The open operating systems found in current test equipment, become a vulnerability point that needs to be considered.

The AXIe platform enables high performance and high channel density solutions, making it a platform of choice for many AD customers. Currently, the basic building blocks of an AXIe test system include the AXIe chassis, the AXIe based cards, and either an external computer for control or an AXIe based controller running Windows.




New AXIe Products

The members of the AXIe Consortium continue to release a steady flow of new products based on the AXIe standard, some of which are spotlighted below:

AXIe-1 Base Architecture Specification Products

VIAVI mA-6A30 AXIe Vector Signal Transceiver with 30 GHz Downconverter

Inform Test CHASSIS SN-14 AXIE-1

Inform Test NMAXIe-1

Condunt Cobra High Speed Recorder

Keysight M8121A 12 GSA/S Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Keysight M8132A 640 GB/S Digital Signal Processor

AXIe-3.1 Semiconductor Test Extension Products

Test Evolutions - EV100 Series Digital and Device Power Supplies

Test Evolution EV518 Test System

Test Evolution EV500 Test System

AXIe-0 Low Cost Instrument and Switch Products

Inform Test 4-Slot Chassis in AXIE-0 Format

Inform Test 6-Slot Chassis in AXIE-0 Format


AXIe-0 Low Cost Instrument and Switch Products


Info Test VVK AXIe Switching Card

Info Test AXIe-0 System Module

Info Test 6-slot Chassis in AXIe-0 Format

ODI Specification Products



Keysight M8132A 640 GB/S Digital Signal Processor

Keysight M8121A 12 GSA/S Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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